The Adorers of the Royal High Priest is a spiritual family associated with the Confraternity of Jesus, Our Merciful Priest.  It is composed of faithful lay men and women and consecrated religious dedicated to Eucharistic adoration and acts of reparation for priests.

About the adorers of the royal high priest

A person who is called to be an intercessor for priests and desires to be a member of the Adorers of the Royal High Priest must be a Catholic who desires to live a deeper union with God through the sacraments, fidelity to one’s particular vocation in life, a desire to live a virtuous life and to intercede for priests through their prayers.

  • A person who desires to become an Adorer of the Royal High Priest must make a private Act of Oblation to the Royal High Priest before the Blessed Sacrament and send the signed copy to the priest-in-charge of the Confraternity of Jesus, Our Merciful Priest.

  • The Act of Oblation is to be renewed every Good Friday in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Beloved Disciple St. John, and the other disciples who remained at the Foot of the Cross despite its scandal.

  • An adorer is to make a Eucharistic Holy Hour of Reparation for Priests every Thursday (or another day of the week if Thursday is difficult for one’s vocation and work) and pray every day a Prayer for Priests and a chaplet, i.e., Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Rosary, The Jesus Prayer, A Chaplet of Reparation for Priests, or any other chaplet.

  • An adorer is to keep a healthy friendship with priests and to keep proper boundaries in dealing with them.

  • The Adorers of the Royal High Priest support each other through prayer and friendship and are united with their common love to Christ the High Priest and His priests.

  • Every member enjoys the spiritual benefit of being a part of a spiritual family of priests, consecrated religious and faithful laity. The prayer of every member is also a sign of continuous intercession for each other as members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

  • A once-a-year gathering is determined for the spiritual enrichment and fraternal support of the members.

May God who has begun this good work in us bring it to completion in the Day of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

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