Answering The Call

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

In ages past, whenever a grievous scandal happens in the life of Holy Mother Church, our Lord calls men and women to a higher degree of sanctity to prove His love for His Church. Now, more than ever, our Lord still calls us to a life of holiness, so that He can bring about the healing that He desires for us. Few months ago, with the permission of my own bishop, I was able to invite others priests to live a faithful priestly lifestyle through a group called Confraternity of the Merciful Priest. Right now, we have about twenty priests responding in a private manner to the Lord's call of intercession and reparation so that the healing and grace of the High Priest may touch every priest. With us are a number of monasteries of contemplative and cloistered nuns all over the country, interceding for us.

I have been approached lately by many faithful members of the laity if they can contribute for the healing of priests from all the scandals that coming out all over. It is very difficult to ignore the voice of the Lord speaking through the laity who loves the priesthood and priests. I know I must do something to respond to the Lord and to these faithful men and women. With this, I am hoping to invite you to be an adorer and intercessor for priests. The group has no canonical status yet, although I have started communication with my bishop and the judicial vicars of the diocese. But we must begin praying for priests now and invoking our Merciful High Priest, Jesus Christ to have mercy on us. The Lord needs a family and an army to join hand in hand in prayer with the rest of the Mystical Body to fight the evil that harms His Church and His priests.

In the Merciful Heart,

Fr. Ervin Pio M. Caliente